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Summer, ho!


Summertime Lunch Seminars

Literature: The Great Conversation, Wednesday July 21st @ 12:30pm EST

Latin Nuts & Bolts (Intermediate), Friday July 30th @ 12:30pm EST

Historiography Intro, Tuesday August 3rd @ 12:30pm EST

Art History, Wednesday August 11th @ 12:30pm EST

*Please write us at RSVP.

Summer/Fall 2021 Course Offerings

In addition to our regular three-year course we are proud to offer these pick-up classes:


Christian Heritage in the Visual Arts


Latin I
Latin II
Latin III
Greek I    (n.b., fall course, not summer)
History/Social Studies
Introduction to Historiography (an exploration of how history is presented over time)
Hinduism I (intro)
Hinduism II (Rig Veda)
Hinduism III (mysticism)
Egypt I
Greece I (ancient history Minoans through Athens’ Golden Age)
Greece II (ancient history Death of Socrates through rise of Rome)
Rome I
Rome II
Medieval Europe I
Medieval Europe II
The Real Vikings
Russia (Real Vikings prereq)
Kingdoms Of North Africa
Natural History and Folklore of the Americas
Causes of WWI
Dante I (Commedia background)
Dante II (Commedia itself)
Dante III (the “afterlife” of Dante, the Commedia in later centuries, later pilgrimage lit)
Beowulf (Medieval prereq)
Introduction to Pedagogy (history and approaches to teaching)
Principles Of The Legal System

n.b., A video presentation on these courses is available here.

Divine Office Online Celebration

We warmly invite you to join us in our regular live celebration of the Divine Office. This invitation is open to all people, not just students and staff of the college. Digital texts provided.


Times for summer 2021 (all times Eastern Standard, USA):

Monday & Friday, Vespers (LOTH), 4:30pm, and
Tuesday-Thursday, Prime (BR), 9:40am; Sext (BR), noon



Nirmal Dass (focus: modern history, literature, philosophy)



David Rios (focus: visual and graphic arts, art history)



John Coleman (focus: ancient history, literature, Latin, legal)

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