Apocatastasis: An Institute for the Humanities


Apocatastasis: An Institute for the Humanities is a place where the pristine ideal of a school has been restored: teacher and students gathered in discussion around serious texts. Shorn of childish props like grades, GPAs, and credentials, the school proudly rights two errors in contemporary education: the tendency to inculcate bourgeois sentiments, and predatory financing. Public or private, religious or secular, in a formal classroom or at the home-school kitchen table, all forms of schooling are guilty of these distortions. Apocatastasis replaces the long-fallen purpose of education: the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake. Our coursework focuses on the history, art, and culture of the West. Giving a thorough foundation in the humanities, we avoid the unnecessarily long and expensive route of modern education.

How Does One Enroll?

If you are interested in enrolling full-time at Apocatastasis you may use the email form on this site, or you may write us ApocatastasisInstitute@aol.com.

After that we will have a short video conference. The primary purpose of this is to get a better idea of where a student wants to take their study in our time together.

You will then be invited to sit in on some ongoing courses for a week or two in order to get a feel of things. 

If all of this is satisfactory, we will meet once more to square away scheduling, books, and tuition.

Published by Apocatastasis Institute

Apocatastasis: An Institute for the Humanities is an alternative college and high school located on (sic) New Milford, Connecticut. Interested students may write ApocatastasisInstitute@aol.com for more information.

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